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Val Thorens 2010

This was my third week skiing. I went with my dad, my great uncle and my aunty, mel. We flew from Manchester to Geneva and then went on a bus to Val Thorens. Our driver was the French Stig - Le Stig. He went so fast we got there an hour earlier than expected.


Our apartment was small but quite nice and we had a balcony that looked out onto the ski slopes. In the mornings, we could walk out right onto the snow, so we didn't have to get a bus to the lifts.


On our first night, I and Mel went to hire our boots and skis. I had to change my boots for bigger ones the next day but I had really good kit again. My skis were very fast and I often beat my racing dad down the slopes. We had a very nice meal in a restaurant right by the slopes on Saturday night.


It snowed every night while we were on holiday and on Sunday we had some nice fresh snow to ski on. We started out by going up the two fantastic tunnels (magic carpets) and then skied down to my favourite lift, Les Deux Lacs, but I called it Cafe Luge, because you could see the luge track from it. I took my class monkey, Miss Chievous, with me everywhere I went, as I had to keep a diary for school. My mum had taken me camping the week before and hadn't unpacked my diary, so my dad gave me an exercise book in which to keep a diary of Miss Chievous's skiing holiday. I think Miss Chievous enjoyed skiing and he also learned a bit of French. He also liked some of the meals we had, especially the Pierrade where we cooked chicken on a hot stone.


On Thursday three of us went on the luge. This is the longest toboggan track in France (6 km) and it is scary. On one corner my sledge went flying off the track and I had to run down the mountain after it. It was good fun but I was glad when we got down alive.


I really enjoyed skiing, even though some of the steeper runs were a bit scary. We even got caught up in the problems from the Volcano in Iceland and had to come back by coach instead of flying.


On the long, tiring coach trip to Calais, I made three good friends - Jack, Luke and Tom. Hi to you all. I got back a day late and had to stay off school because my face was sore. I had a bad reaction to the cold or something. Over all I had a great time.