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Val d'Isere

I went to Val d'Isere, the famous French resort, this April, at Easter. My dad and uncle Les went too. We stayed at Les Jardins de La Balme apartments. Kelli was the receptionist. She was very nice and spoke French to me every day to help me to learn the language better.

Our apartment opened right onto the snow and Kelli lent us a sledge. I had great fun on this. We also got lots of French bangers, called petards, and set them off outside our door. We blew huge holes in the snow.

I went swimming nearly every night but best of all, apart from skiing, were the multi-glisse events. These were free tryouts of all kinds of different sliding contraptions.

The first night was an Easter Egg hunt on snake sledges. These clipped together in a chain and you had to grab bags of chocolate as you slid down the slope. I got 8 bags.

The next night was ski-racers, which were like bikes on skis. I had three races against my dad. He won because he's a lot heavier than I am.

On my last night, I went on the airboards. These were inflatable sledges. They went very fast and I flattened two of the signs and shot out of the netted-off area like a speeding bullet.