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On 13th of April, 2008, I went on my first ever skiing holiday with my dad, Uncle Les, Bignanny, granddad and Aunty Mel.

I had only skied for 50 minutes before I went but, thanks to the Mickey Mouse Ski Club, I soon was able to snowplough. I hated it for a few days but, by the end of the week, I loved it so much that I didn't want to come home.

The Austrian people were very nice, even though I couldn't understand their language (I'll have to learn German). It was funny watching Spongebob in German.

The Esprit staff were great and the singing on the bus was really fun. I made some new friends. Hi to Jake, Mel, Jasper and the rest.

I was very worried about the end of week race but got round all the poles safely, even though I had a sprained knee from when I fell at the top of the button lift. This got me a ride on the piste machine. My dad and uncle were really jealous.

On Saturday we saw some animals when we were going up the gondola. I don't know whether they were beavers or marmots.

I cried when I had to take my skis off for the last time and would love to go back to Neustift in the future.

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