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Prom 2017

Here are some photos from my school prom. I was given a ride to the event by a group of my mum's rally buddies.  Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

My suit made me look like Eggsy (If you've not seen Kingsmen, you don't know what you're missing!). You can catch me in the new film - out soon.


Finally got my exam results. Astonished to do well in Maths and English. Got the results I needed for my chosen subjects at Sixth Form College. Start there in September.

Went for a training flight in October but it had to be rearranged because of bad weather. Also went to see Circus of Horrors (Voodoo) at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Thor, Ragnarok.


The Circus of Horrors was hilarious, especially what the midget did with a Henry Hoover. The contortionist was fantastic. Go to see it if you dare but not suitable for children or those of a nervous disposition.