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Last week I went back to school. My new teacher is Mrs Martin; she is very nice unless you are naughty.

The best thing about my new class is that we can use the playground on the roof and play hopscotch. When I told my uncle Les about the playground, he asked me if we had parachutes in case we fell off.

Last week, my dad took me to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for the day. When I went on the Ghost Train, I kept my eyes closed all the way round. This weekend I took my Bignanny's dog for a walk at Carr Mill Dam. On the way back, I fell into the water off some stepping stones.

If you can, watch the film Thunderpants. It made me laugh all the way through.

On Friday, 12th October, I went to a party night at Master McGrath's Restaurant in Southport. It is a very nice place and we went there because my Oldnanny was 90. She's so old she used to have a dinosaur for a pet.

This week, I went to the Spooktacular at Farmer Ted's and won a prize in the pumpkin carving. It's very scary at times. I also went to a party at my Uncle Jason's. I got dressed as a devil. I had a great time. On Wednesday, my mum took me trick and treating. I went in a glow-in-the-dark skeleton suit.

On Saturday, I had Bonfire Night two days early. My dad and Uncle Les had bought some crazy fireworks and my Bignanny had bought loads of small ones.

This Sunday, my Aunty Mel was a presenter on Shock Radio (87.7fm). I listened to her on the Internet and even appeared on a phone-in. I told everyone about my fireworks and about Dr Who's Tardis.

It's now February and I've still not had a clear night to use my telescope. This week I'm going to Aerial Extreme with my dad. He wants to go on the very high ropes. This was brilliant. I completed the lower course in record time. Parts of it were quite scary. It's a good job I'm not afraid of heights.

I'm excited because my mum is taking me to Hadrian's Wall next week. Then she's taking me to London. I want to go on the London Eye. I'd also like to see the Tutankhamun Exhibition.

This weekend (Easter) I went for a ski lesson at Chill Factor. It was great sliding down on real snow. I only fell over twice but it didn't hurt. I was very tired but still had enough energy to eat my tea and have two cocktails in the Mont Blanc Restaurant. I'm looking forward to going to Austria soon and learning to ski properly. I want to beat my dad in a race.

Hi! I'm back again. Since I last wrote I've been skiing and had a great time. It's all on the skiing page. Last week I was Star of the Week in school and my mum took me on the Waltzers on Blackpool Pier. I liked them now I'm a bit older.

My dad bought me Super Mario Bros for my Nintendo. I've played it all weekend. I had a great time in the Wacky Warehouse at the Air Ballooon in Blackpool. I went with my dad, uncle Les and my old nanny. She's 90 years young!

My Auntie Mel has passed her degree and is now a BA(Hons). Congratulations!

This weekend (July 19th) I went to se Kung Fu Panda on the Imax - the World's biggest screen. It was great. The Panda reminded me of my uncle. Then I went on the giant wheel in Manchester.

Back again. I went to Farmer Ted's Spooktacular again and won the pumpkin carving contest. I got a 5 pound voucher for my Frankenstein pumpkin. My dad got me the bolts out of his own neck! I'll put a picture on my Holidays 2008 photo gallery. I've also got some pictures of La Machine from when I went to see it in Liverpool. Next week, I hope to go to my uncle's Halloween party.

Back again. This weekend (6/12/2008) I went in a Bedouin tent on the stage at the Trafford Centre. A storyteller told us a fairy story. My dad liked it even more than I did.

Two firemen came to put new alarms in my Oldnanny's. They took me on the fire engine and dressed me up in a suit and helmet. They let me try on the breathing apparatus. It was great. I'll have a photo soon.

The best thing was my Oldnanny's new hospital bed. Every bit of it adjusts. I had a lot of fun playing on her bed. I'll have a photo of this soon.

Back at last. My Oldnanny died in February. I was very sad but she was 91 years old and only spent two days in hospital in her whole life.

Over the last few weeks, I have done some exciting things. I went up the Snowdon Mountain Railway. It was exciting at the top. I walked to the very top and sat on the marker stone. There were some very steep drops. One day I'd like to walk to the top across a very narrow ridge that I saw. My uncle told me it is called Crib Goch. My mad dad wants to run along it!

This week (June 27th, 2009), I went with my dad and Uncle Les across the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. The path across is 127ft above the River Dee. It was quite scary but I had a great time. I love Llangollen, especially the steam trains.

This weekend (July, 11th) I went to Blackpool Zoo with the cubs. My dad came as a helper. He got a shock when he found that all the cubs in Blackpool were there. It was a fantastic day out!

Back again, after a long time. I went to my second cub camp this weekend (12th March, 2010). I went to Waddecar, near Garstang. I had a great time with my friends in the Cubs and the leaders looked after us very well. I especially liked canoeing.

My dad picked me up on Sunday afternoon and I, my dad, my bignanny and my uncle Les went for our dinner to the Roebuck Inn. I had a nice surprise because they had brought me presents for my birthday (15th, March). My dad had also arranged for the waitress to bring out a SpongeBob birthday cake with a candle on for nine years old.

On the death slide

at the Crocky Trail

At Camelot with my dad

The Dr Who exhibition

On the fire engine

This bed's better than the Big One!