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London and 2012

At half term I went to London with my dad and Uncle Les. We went to stay with my Aunty Mel in Kilburn. We had passes for many attractions so we didn't have to pay for anything.

We went to the Dr Who Experience at Olympia, where I received many compliments for my Dr Who outfit. My Aunty Mel got me a replica jacket from a charity shop in London and I used my fez and dicky bow. The Experience was fantastic. I helped fly the Tardis and spent hours going around all the different displays.

I went round the scary London Dungeons and took the drop at the end. Mum, I want some pet rats. They had some at The Dungeons, which I petted.

I went on The London Eye at night and in the daytime and went in Sea Life. This was the best one I've been in. Madame Tussaud's was great, especially the 4D cinema.

The Natural History Museum was very interesting and I'd like to go back when it's less crowded. The escalator through the Earth is really good.

Aunty Mel works for television and was able to get us £100 tickets for The Lion King from one of her friends at a very cheap price. The show was fantastic.

On the way home we went to Warwick Castle with our free tickets. The Dungeons here were excellent. The trebuchet firing was brilliant.

On April 28th, I went to Chester for the day but the River Dee was so fast that I couldn't go on the rowing boats. We met my uncle Les and he took us for a Teppan-yaki meal. I had raw fish for a starter and teryaki steak with egg fried rice and Siam potatoes and asparagus. Afterwards I had honeycomb ice cream. It's definitely the best restaurant I've been to because the food is cooked on a hot plate at the table and the chefs juggle with knives while they cook the food. Thay do a great trick with eggs and flip one into the chef's hat while he's wearing it. I used chopsticks and even ate my ice cream with them. It was a great night out.

I recently went to Shell Island with my mother and some friends. We had a great time in spite of some bad weather. We visited Harlech Castle and Portmeirion, where The Prisoner was filmed. I had a really good holiday.

I went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for a day out but The Big One was shut! I wanted to go on it. However, I went on all the other white knuckle rides. The In Fusion is even better than Nemesis! The Avatar is a good ride too.

I've now gone into Secondary School and there are a couple of pictures of me in my uniform. I loved my old school and did well in my Sats and I'm quite liking my new school. I'll let you know how I get on lin 2013, now the World hasn't ended on the 21st, December, 2012.