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Holidays 2008

Last week I went to Scarborough, with my dad, my bignanny, my oldnanny and my uncle Les. We stayed in a very nice caravan at Cayton Bay. I had loads of fun in the swimming pool and in the Wacky Warehouse, especially on the slides in the pool.

I liked playing on the dinosaur game in the arcade and collecting the dinosaur cards. I've got 30 of them.

We went to Flamborough Head to see the lighthouse and I climbed down to the caves on a rope. It was very exciting. My uncle nearly had a heart attack just watching.

We had some lovely meals at nice restaurants. At the Bridlington Links restaurant it was very posh and the chef made me some Yorkshire puddings, even though they were not on the menu.

I bought myself and my sister a lucky duck and got my mum and my sister some presents from the bee farm. My collection of cars got bigger and I bought a giant ball, which you can see in the pictures on this page.

I also went to Wales with my mum but our tent was washed out. My dad and I went to the Crocky Trail near Chester. It was great. I also went to Imperial War Museum North in Manchester. I bought lots of souvenirs and had my picture taken by a real tank. When I got home, I had fun making tea from real tea leaves, which were like those people used during the War. Luckily, my oldnanny had a little device for keeping the leaves from going into the cups.

We saw helmets and uniforms like my old granddad used in the War. He was a Desert Rat. My oldnanny used to make radar. She is older than most of the things in the museum.

On 6th September, I went to see La Machine in Liverpool. I went on the Mersey Ferry first and then went to see the giant, mechanical spider. There were thousands of people watching and you could hardly move. We had a great view, though, and got covered in snow and water and saw fire being shot at it. It nearly ran into a building at one point. We ran down lots of side streets to follow the spider.

It could be scary if you had arachnophobia. Lots of little kids were screaming. I had to sit on my dad's shoulders to get above the crowds. It was brill and one of the best things I've ever seen.

They had cages with musicians in them. Two Tornadoes, two Spitfires, a Eurofighter and an AWACs flew over. The noise was terrific.

I also sat on the Eleanor Rigby bench.