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Days Out 2010

Today (8/5/2010) I went to visit Liverpool Cathedral with my dad and uncle. We went to the top of the great tower from where we could see the whole of Merseyside and right across to Snowdonia. It was quite scary looking down from the top of the tower. We also saw some of the fantastic embroidery on show. A lady gave me a guide in Chinese for school.


Afterwards we went to Chinatown and had a look around. My uncle used to work in the famous Chinese pub, The Nook. I was a bit disappointed because it was very quiet there but we had a walk around and found a Chinese shop and a Chinese supermarket. I bought some fortune cookies, some lanterns and a calendar to take into school. The supermarket had all sorts of strange and interesting foods and sweets.


I recently (22/5/2010) went to the Lego Discovery Centre at the Trafford Centre. It was fantastic. There were some brilliant Lego models and an amazing 4D cinema. Water, wind and lightning actual came into the cinema and there was even fake snow. These special effects fitted in with the 3D film.


There was even a ride which looked like it was made out of Lego and over two million bricks to play with. There are some pictures on this page.


I also had an exciting weekend at cubs' camp. It was a jamboree for Lancashire cubs at Waddecar. My dad came as a helper. He is now called Baloo, the bear. We had a theme day on which we dressed up as a film character. I went as Wall-E.


School is over at last. I'm sad to be leaving behind Miss Langley - she was a very nice teacher.


I went to Camelot the other day and went on some of the big rides. My favourite is the log flume because you get soaked. I helped the Jester at the magic show and got a standing ovation for pulling a table cloth off a table full of dishes without breaking any of them. The jousting was great. I'll have some photos and a video of me at Camelot soon.


I've also got some good photos of me at Sherdley Show in St Helens. I had a go at driving a mini tank. It was really good.


My Uncle Jason and Aunty Vicki had a new baby. They've called her Madison. There are some pictures of me and my cousin, Josh, with the new baby.


I've also been helping my dad with some voluntary work at the local activity centre. He has been looking after some children and we've been swimming with them as well.


Yesterday I went to Bootle Leisure Centre for a swim with the kids from the Netherton Activity Centre (The NAC) and today (5th December) I'm going to the grotto at Croxteth Park in Liverpool.