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Aerial Extreme/ Alton Towers

On 15/10/2011 I went to Aerial Extreme with my dad. This is a high wire adventure course at Knowsley Safari Park. You have to balance over lots of obstacles suspended 50 feet above the ground.

At first you have to try the middle course to see whether you are too scared to do the high course. I liked this so much, I couldn't wait to go on the top set of obstacles.

My dad was a bit slow but then he is getting old. The scariest bit is at the very end. You'll see what I mean when the video appears on this page.

I'll also have some video of Alton Towers soon. You can see some photos in my Photo Gallery.


Would you believe it! I do all sorts of exciting things like skiing, Aerial Extreme, etc., then go and break my arm in P.E. in school, when I slipped in the MUGA. I had to go to hospital to have it set. I stayed in overnight, because I needed an anaesthetic before my bones could be put back in place. My dad stayed with me overnight.


I'm ok now and can wiggle my fingers but I've got a plaster from my wrist to my shoulder. Ronan Park knows my aunty Mel and sent me a signed "get well soon" photo and a CD. Thanks, Ronan.