Robert's Blog


Here you'll find some of the things that have happened to me this year, along with a few videos.


I recently went to see Britain's Got Talent and actually shook hands with Simon Cowell and Alesha Dixon - I'm never going to wash my hands again!


I've also been on the recently reopened Smiler at Alton Towers. It was the first time I'd been on it in the rain and we managed to get on twice without having to queue. I also went on Galactica, which is Air with a VR headset. That was really interesting.


Our household pets have increased in number with the addition of two ducks. I'm looking forward to when they start laying eggs!


I've also become a youtube star in a school science video. I'm hoping my aunty Mel can get me a job on TV!


My recent birthday saw me get some Heelies. They're brilliant for scooting around places with smooth floors, like the Trafford Centre. And my mum bought me a BMX.


I've seen some great films on the cinema, such as Star Wars, The Revenant and Batman v. Superman but my favourite is Deadpool.


The video is me with my cousin, Madison, at jump Warehouse, trying out my Heelies and my mad dad trying on the horses head The Godfather left in his bed-ha! ha!


Went to South Stack Lighthouse during the school Easter holidays - 1162 steps up and down - good job my uncle, Les, had an oxygen tank with him (you'll see why when I put the video on). Also visited Pili Palas, ten years after my first visit. The butterfly room is great.


My dad, myself and my uncle stayed overnight in Llandudno, then went to the ski slope for a go on the toboggan run. We also had a trip inside the Bronze Age copper mines and then drove to the top of the Great Orme. The mountains of Snowdonia were covered in snow and it was so clear you could see Blackpool Tower and The Big One.


On 18th April it was my gran's birthday and we went to Viva Brazil in Liverpool for a meal. This was brilliant. The waiters carved the meat at your table and there were 15 meats in all - eat as much as you liked. The salad bar had about 40 hot and cold dishes and this was free with the meal. The naked cocktails were tasty and the dessert cocktails were even better.


The things I do for Science! My aunty Mel hit me with a bottle made for a film stunt. Thank goodness it worked. You'll see it on my latest video, along with some clips of me heelying around the Trafford Centre. I tried a Star Wars simulator and went to see Captain America Civil War. The staff liked my Iron Man T-shirt so much, they gave me a free drink.


Went to Tampopo in the Trafford Centre last week. Very nice Thai and Japanese food. We had a voucher for cheap cinema tickets and went to see the TMNT. The CGI effects are spectacular. As usual, used my Heeleys to good effect. After the film, we watched the England match on the giant screen in the Great Hall.


Recently went to Escape Room in Blackpool with my mum and her friends. Highly recommended! Also got a skateboard and am learning to ride it.


Went to see Lights Out (my dad had cheap vouchers for Odeon, Liverpool One) and my Uncle Les took the five of us for a meal at Yee Rah. Very tasty! The film was very average, not as good as Sausage Party, which is very funny with a cleverly written script.


I've been made a prefect!! Yee Ha!! Went to Anglesey with the school. Kayaked on the Menai Straits and jumped into the freezing water afterwards. I was accompanied by my famous blow up shark, still going strong since the Devonshire trip to Scarborough many moons ago.


Two films I'd recommend - Dr Strange (fantastic special effects) - and Fantastic Beasts... Much better than some of the Harry Potter films.